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"Music creates the dreams. Let them glow."






Shishi enjoys versatile performing activities.

Her favorite repertoires to perform are chamber and solo music; and for ensemble playing, she plays music from the old to the new.

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Throughout her studies, Shishi has fortunately worked with many inspiring professors; their dedication to art and students motivated her to participate in this great tradition. Her own focus of study was chamber music and solo works, which she gained experience in teaching during summer camps and senior years in school. Shishi is willing to work with people who are interested in the classical violin repertoire and/or in the chamber music compositions.

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Shishi has a strong sense in reaching people through musical means. Her creative community engagements include an ensemble fellowship on early music, which she and her teammates lecture-demonstrate Renaissance vocal music in their original instrumental adaptions and brought the performance to various venues include the Boston Public Library and Children’s Museum. She also arranged an individual fellowship and came up with a musical rendition of a folk tale from her native land. She performed this story in many Boston Schools include the Conservatory Lab Charter School and bi-lingual schools. Both projects were completed during her graduate school years at NEC. Shishi also involves in a community-based performance movement called Groupmuse; to read more about this Classical music house party-concerts, please visit

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